Available Goldens

Please note:

For all potential adopters:
We have to limit our adoptions to the East Coast of Florida, from Key West to Cocoa Beach.

Our process requires home visits and follow up visits and

since we are all located on the East Coast, adoption on the West Coast is just not a possibility.

**When asking for more information about a dog featured here, please give all information we request....otherwise you will not receive a reply!

SOS--these dogs need a new home!


We have found a foster for Bryce, Bailey and Sky (together).   And we really hope to find them a loving and safe forever home where they can remain TOGETHER.  If you are interested in adopting, please email Lisa at: rjlph@outlook.com.

Three very sad Seniors need help by Wednesday, 7/14. Two 9 year old brother and sister Goldens and one 10 year old Bernese Mountain dog need to find  a forever home. Their Mom died totally unexpectedly. We’d like to try and keep the Goldens together…if someone would foster all three THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. If not, we’d need a home for the “Berner”. All three dogs live with cats and all three have been certified as therapy/comfort dogs. So, of course they’re good with kids, adults and certainly all dogs.

If you can help…please reach out to me, Lisa at: rjlph@outlook.com. They are in their home in Ft. Lauderdale. But the person who is staying with them must leave on Wednesday. These poor, sweet, gentle dogs deserve love and safety now, probably more than ever.  BTW, they are current on everything and have been well taken care of their entire lives. PLEASE LETS HELP THEM

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Stella got adopted as soon as she was posted….BUT she’s available. Although she lived with a cat in her original home. THAT cat let her know who’s boss. The cat in her new home was very timid and the quieter the cat was…the more Stella wanted to play. So, it looks like Stella would do best as an only pet. But, bring on the people. If she’s out walking she’ll go up to everyone she can to get some loving attention. Her foster says she has the classic Golden personality. When they went to the Pet Shop, her foster said it was like “the Queen” had arrived. Everyone ooohhhed and aaahed and had to pet her.  She adores kids. See below for more information for Stella.


My name is Stella. And I am everybody’s dream dog! I’m an 8 month old, spayed, Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees combo. I clearly have taken the best of both as you can see. I’m GORGEOUS! I am current on my vaccines. I’m around 75 pounds. I’ll get bigger. I’m totally housebroken. I adore people…all ages and when I go to doggie day care,  I “play well with others”. BUT, I don’t play well with the dog I live with. It’s mostly that I don’t want to share. I grew up in a hoarding situation. Bad memories! So the Rescue thinks I’d be happiest being the only dog in the house. I have to leave my home pretty soon because my “fur brother” is not happy that I’m there. So, if you’re interested in a spectacular “blonde”,  please contact Lisa at: rjlph@outlook.com.


Tell her if you’ve had your home visit and when. If you haven’t, TELL HER EVERYTHING ABOUT you and your family and your home. She’ll need your address and MOST IMPORTANT, your daily schedule. The Rescue won’t place me in a home to be alone all day. A fenced yard would be great. But keep in mind Pyrs are great wanderers. So, I can’t be left outside alone. But then, no dogs should be. Lastly, you must live in our adoption area SE Florida from Cocoa Beach to The Keys. Believe me, I will be adopted in a heartbeat. So, without all that information Lisa won’t know if we’re a good match and you won’t hear back from her.




Rescue, rescue, rescue. My name is Bogey....and I am the very essence of the word rescue. I am a three year old mini Golden Doodle. The good news, I have lots of energy. I love to go on runs...so a runner or super active  person would be great. I also love to cuddle. But, I’m kind of like some cats...too much cuddling, petting and loving irritates me. I like my alone time, as well. The not so good news, for me looking for an adopter is...because I can be so fearful...I will snap. I’ve been at a foster home for a few months. But, if I’m going to make progress...I need to go to my forever home and work with them. A trainer should be really helpful. If needed, the Rescue will pay for that. As you can see from my pictures, I had to be completely shaved. My cute curly coat is growing back.  The Rescue is hoping someone will say...that’s MY dog. I can help him. I really, really need my special Angel to come along. The Rescue tells me EVERY dog has an Angel. If you think you could be mine. Please contact Chris at: Chris.ochoa1024@gmail.com. He’s my foster Dad and knows EVERYTHING about me. Lastly, I am not a family dog...no kids and no other pets. I want to be your one and only.