Memorial Day Mini Doodles
Available for Adoption

Just look at us!   We are the Memorial Day Mini Doodles arriving this Saturday 5/21 with our mama Macy (yep, she gets to retire in Florida, how wonderful is that).  We cannot wait to meet our new families!    Our dad is a miniature poodle, so we “guess” we will be around 25lbs when we are all grown up.    We are almost 3 months old and ready to be somebodies bundle of love, joy and happiness! 

Memorial Day Pups.jpg
Trixie - Available for Adoption

Lovely, just lovely is the word that comes to mind when looking at my picture. And it's absolutely correct. I am lovely inside and out. I am so excited. My owner decided to let me go to Florida...and stop using me as a breeder female. I'm five and that's amazing news. That's how special he thinks I am.  I'll bet you can tell from my pictures that I'm a gentle soul. I'm so ready to have my own home and family. Dogs and kids welcome!

Trixie is arriving 5/28 with her mini-doodle pups.

Tank new.jpg

Hi everyone, Tank here …..I am big in every way, big love, big personality, and a big heart. But I must say….. my BIG heart, beginning to break. I don't know what I'm "doing wrong"? I keep waiting for my Angel to come and let me live my happily ever after with them. But nothing seems to work. I'm at a lovely home now. I'm loving swimming every day. BUT they live right on the golf course...and the golf carts are making me, I'm barking at them. I've kind of had really bad luck. I just want to swim and walk (I really want to lose weight) and be someone's "Big Bud". I'm laid back and mellow and kind….praying for my forever family, if it is you, please complete the application at

Tank formerly known as a big guy. He loves, loves, loves to swim. He loves to walk and does really well with a harness. We have been told he's nine. But he has no white on his face. So, we're not sure of his age, at all. He LOVES ATTENTION!! So, if you're looking for a swimming, walking, Tv watching Buddy. Tank is your man. He just wants a place to call his, forever. He's been bounced and bounced. And it's time for him to find a home of his own.     From Tank’s foster mom “he is very sweet, loves attention and really loves going for walks – and he LOVES his naps….good house manners and very easy to take care of.    Tank likes his personal space and a calm environment, kids running around and climbing on him – he is not so fond of…..   and NO cats.   If you are an approved home and are interested in Tank, please contact If you are not yet approved and live in our adoption area of SE Florida (Key West to Cocoa Beach) please complete the application.

Max - Available for Adoption

Yes, you may have seen me before, my name is Max. I am famous because, I am SUPERDOG! I can practically leap tall buildings in a “single bound”. Well, maybe not tall buildings…but a fence four feet or less is “no challenge”.   I truly am a SUPER dog. Loving, fun, loyal.   I am almost 3 years old and at 40lbs, I am the PERFECT sized “mini golden”!  My Family has tried everything, and as much as they love me, their fence is low and I keep getting “out”.   They want me to be safe and happy!   So, I’m looking for a home, a big yard, a HIGH fence so I can run, play and be….SUPER!   Want to meet me?   Approved adopters, please contact Lisa   If you are not yet approved and live in our adoption area of SE Florida (Key West to Cocoa Beach) please complete the application

Max here, just wanted to share a few more photos of me. Everyone that meets me says I am super handsome and ohh and aww over my size….at 40lbs I am like a mini-golden retriever! I definitely have the golden personality! In fact, here is what my foster family says about me (I am blushing): Max is very sweet and loves to cuddle. Great with kids and his dog siblings. Max likes to go for walks, he is great on the leash, play fetch and run around the yard. Enjoys hanging “poolside”. Knows basic commands and comes when called. And as you all know, he is a great jumper.



SOS! SOS!  Bogey has only until May 17th to find a foster that is experience with fearful dogs. Without the right home and special “Angel” to foster him, the rescue is OUT OF OPTIONS. From Bogey’s foster:

“I am officially moving to the Pacific Northwest and have been fostering Bogey for a year now. When we finally got him adopted Christmas Eve, we got home right back the next day and I had to make that drive on Christmas Day to pick him up. He is a loving golden doodle with a traumatic past. He cannot be around children, they trigger him, even while we’re watching tv. But if you are patient enough, he will be so loyal and loving to you. Please consider adopting him. He just turned 4. Cannot be around other animals. If no one takes him I’m afraid what his future will be – Bogey does show aggression sometimes, even towards me one year later…..”

If you are interested I set up an Instagram to help get him adopted or you can email me for more info

Cooper Golden Doodle
Available for Adoption


Boy, life sure can turn upside down in a heartbeat.  My "parents" got divorced. My Mom is now a single Mom with 3 young kids. She loves me enough to know that I can't get the time, attention  or exercise I need to thrive. So she asked the Rescue for help. My name is Cooper. I'm a friendly, fun, loving, playful Golden Doodle. I am 5 years old. I am neutered and current on my vaccines. I adore kids! And I'm a total" goof ball...friendly" around other dogs. I'd love a fenced yard to play with EVERYONE!. I weigh about 70 lbs. It's going to be sad for everyone to leave my Family. But, it's just the correct thing to do. Are you ready for a super great Buddy? If so....approved adopters, please contact Lisa  If you are not yet approved and live in our adoption area of SE Florida (Key West to Cocoa Beach) please complete the application