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Breeder Rescue Mission FAQ

Where are the breeder dogs coming from?

You don’t have to look far to find information about the bad conditions and inhumane treatment of dogs who are sold at dog auctions and/or pet stores.   GRSF works to rescue and rehome breeding dogs (moms and dads) and puppies before being sent to dog auction, pet stores, or from imminent danger.    Our goal is to help these dogs and puppies in need by finding them forever homes, where they will live their best lives as loved and cherished pets, members of the family.   The majority of the dogs rescued are not coming from huge breeding facilities aka “puppy mills”.  Most come from breeding farms, raised in barns or kennels.  We rescue across the US through various states.  

Can we come and meet the dog?

Because the dogs saved through the Breeder Rescue Mission are transported to Florida (normally a 2-day transport traveling though several states), meeting them in advance, is not possible.  When they arrive, “adoption day” they are greeted by their family.   It is “ideal” these sweet dogs are not moved from house to house….   Instead, their new family meets them and takes them “home” when they arrive on adoption day. If for any reason after the adopter takes the dog home and feels it is not the right fit, we ask the family to become a “foster” caring for until the dog is rehomed.   As a foster the adoption donation is refunded.  

What should I know about adopting a Breeder Mom or Dad?

The dogs have been cared for, interacting with the owners, the children on the farm and other dogs, however they were never a pet or a member of the family.  Everything will be new….first time seeing a TV, hearing a radio….the sounds of the cars passing, different flooring, stairs, soft beds, even dog bowls will be new.  Most have never walked on leash, instead left out in fields to roam, or kept in a kennel run.  Breeder dogs are kennel trained; they know to “go” outside, so far everyone has been housed trained.   The breeder dogs are not spayed or neutered.   Some of the moms recently have had puppies, some may arrive during their heat cycle…Once they arrive and have settled/adjusted and the timing is right, their new families have them spayed/neutered.  When you adopt a breeder dog, you are creating a "new beginning" far every breeder dog that has come into our Rescue has been amazing. Understanding their background and knowing they will need time to adjust and feel safe is important.  

Are the puppies up to date on shots?  

Puppies are vet checked, received all age-appropriate shots and deworming.  Shot records and all medical information available is provided.  However, it is important to schedule a vet visit within a few days of picking up your puppy.  This will allow the veterinarian to complete a wellness check and fecal test (puppies immune system is still developing, it is not uncommon for puppies to have parasites).   The vet will review your pup’s records and continue the ongoing puppy care schedule.  


I am adopting from a litter of puppies; do I get to pick my puppy?

Since litter mates often look identical, it is not possible to adopt from a photo.   Therefore in this case, families are assigned times to come to adoption day and pick up their puppy.   Before adoption day, we ask families if they have a preferred time.   Almost everyone requests as early as possible, but some request later due to travel, plans…...    Puppies are split into gender groups, one family from each gender comes to adoption day at their assigned time.   Times are assigned based on previous adopter, order of reservation, time preference. 


"We can't change their past,
but we can give them a
golden future"

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