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How To Adopt

Adopting a rescued Golden Retriever could be one of the most rewarding things you do in life! It’s also a big decision with many considerations. It’s a long-term commitment requiring the support and help of all members of your family. 

As a rescue organization, we help Goldens who need a new beginning.  There are many factors that we must consider before matching a dog with a family.  Each story is different, some are mistreated or neglected, abandoned, or surrendered, some rescued from dire and horrific conditions. In all situations they have been let down by humans therefore we must prioritize finding the dog the best homes vs. finding the perfect pet for you.    The first step in the adoption process is to complete the ADOPTION APPLICATION Please keep in mind that by the time you submit an application and are going through the approval process, some of dogs available may already be in the process of being adopted by other approved families.   Our approval process takes approximately 1-3 weeks.  If you are interested in adopting, please do not wait.  Please start the application process now so that you can be on a waiting list for when your special golden is available.  


Please know we do not operate on a first-come first-served basis and reserve the right to deny any application without the disclosure of the reason for denial.   We have an extremely high volume of applications, therefore we are not always able to reply personally to each one.

Our adoption area is SE Florida, Cocoa Beach to Key West.   Exceptions are case by case, therefore please complete the application so it is on file and email the volunteer overseeing the adoption of the dog you are interested.   The volunteer will share if an exception is possible and if yes, a home visit will be scheduled at that time.  Use the following link to find a Golden Retriever Rescue in your area


Please know, due to the needs of the goldens and puppies who have been abandoned/surrendered to our organization, we place priority on families that have someone home full-time.   Everything we do, we do to for the very best interest of the dog.


Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed and if approved you will be contacted for a phone interview and a home visit by one of our volunteers. Home visits will be conducted in-person or virtually.  When we visit your home, we are looking for a safe, loving and healthy environment for your new Golden. We suggest you arrange for the home visit even if there is not a specific dog available at the moment. That way, when your special dog comes along...the home visit is already completed.


Application + Home Visit

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Approved Family List

Once the home visit is complete and you are an approved family, you are placed on GRSF Approved Family Waitlist.   Approved families should watch the website and when they see a dog they are interested, email GRSF.   We sometimes post on Facebook, Instagram and send email alerts.     Dogs brought into our rescue locally are in foster care until adopted (we do not have a facility) and approved families can schedule to meet the dog before committing to adopt.   Dogs and puppies rescued out of state, as part of the Breeder Rescue Mission, or Global Goldens, meet and greets are not possible since they are arriving to GRSF via transport.    You can learn more about adopting a puppy or breeder mom here:

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Adoption Agreement

Families sign an adoption agreement stipulating, among other items:


  • You agree to care for your new dog and ensure that your Golden is a happy member of your family. This means that the Golden will be a house dog. The dog must not be left outside alone, chained, penned, or kept in the garage      

  • If, for whatever reason, you decide not to keep your Golden, the contract states that the dog must be returned to the Rescue (not given to a friend, sold, or taken to a shelter).

  • The Rescue retains the right to reclaim the dog if the contract is not adhered to.

Adoption Donation

Lastly, a donation will be required for all adoptions. As an all-volunteer, foster based non-profit 501(c)3 organization we rely on donations, 100% of donations goes towards rescuing and rehoming goldens.  Adoption donations are determined by several factors to include the individual needs of each dog, medical expenses, transport and the total expense of the rescue.  The average expense for GRSF to rescue and rehome a golden is $2,108.85*. 


As a general guideline, puppies, 6 months or younger $800.    Adults range $400 - $600.   China Rescue Mission is $1500.   


Cost for China Rescue Mission and Goldens rescued as part of our Breeder Rescue Mission are higher due to the cost of transport.  ​

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How about sharing your love and home with a Golden in need?  Fostering a Golden from a few days to a few weeks (sometimes longer…you can specify your time commitment) and helping them through a transitional phase is an incredibly rewarding feeling because you’re the first step towards their new life. Watching a wonderful Golden go from frightened and confused to feeling safe and cared for is so gratifying. Then watching them go to a forever home with people who will love and keep them safe is life changing.   Many times our fosters are truly life savers. Dogs surrendered to Miami Dade Animal Shelter only have 24 hours to live. So we must run to the shelter and get the dog out. Often the issue is...where can the dog go? If we have fosters available....we know we can save them. Fostering is probably the most important job in the Rescue.   Ready to help?

Complete the application, indicating your desire to FOSTER

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