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For us, rescue knows no borders, so we go where abused, neglected, abandoned Golden Retrievers  need us.   We have one goal, one purpose, one focus.  We rescue Goldens in dire circumstances and restore the twinkle in their eyes, the joy in their heart, and their trust in humans once again.  We have helped and continue to rescue Goldens from other parts of the world like Asia, Canada, Turkey, Bahamas, Puerto Rico where they have survived natural disasters or the most horrific, revolting, and unimaginable circumstances.    These sweet souls, who have suffered so much, mysteriously have an instinctive understanding that  some extraordinary people, “Angels” from all around the world are coming together to rescue them.  Together with your help, these dogs will finally have  a safe place to call home and a family where they will be cherished. 


Asia Dog Meat Trade 

Caution:   The information below will be disturbing.

As you watch the video and read the following, please keep in mind there is a rapidly growing outcry against the dog meat trade not only internationally but across Asia.  Our mission supports Asia's internal anti-dog-meat trade movement and alleviate the pressure in the various shelters. 

Asia's dog meat trade has been going on for decades.  East Asia is believed to be responsible for brutally killing millions dogs each year for human consumption. Many are under the misconception that there are dog farms in Asia, similar to our cattle ranches: dogs are bred, born, raised then taken off to the slaughterhouse for a humane demise.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  The dog meat trade, to a significant degree, facilitated by crime as most of the animals are stolen pets and strays grabbed from backyards and streets.  Transport to slaughterhouses and markets entails them being crammed into wire cages and driven for hours or days to the animals’ destination. They’re often sick or injured, and many die from dehydration, shock, suffocation, and heatstroke. Those who survive the journey are then brutally tortured suffering the most painful death as the "custom" of consuming dog meat requires that the dogs be slaughtered in a certain way to make the meat more succulent and beneficial.  Some believe eating Golden Retrievers brings wisdom, black dogs keep evil spirits away and eating dog meat during the Yulin Festival will keep them cooler during the hot summer months.  These countries have no animal cruelty laws.

In 2020, after feeling helpless and heartbroken by the dog meat trade and the cruelty these dogs suffer, our small rescue began saving Goldens from the Dog Meat Industry in China. To date we have saved and found homes for over 150 survivors.   Sadly, in June the CDC banned entry to the U.S. for rescue dogs from 113 countries, China being one of them.   Knowing the number of Goldens being subjected to torment and abuse has left with us with heavy and hopeless hearts.  These Goldens will not survive!   They will be sold to slaughterhouses or live-in horrific conditions succumbing to starvation, illness, or harsh weather.   We had to do something, and we did!  


In 2023 the CDC updated the ban allowing dogs to enter with permits.   


This is a very complicated and very expensive rescue mission, but we cannot turn our backs on these poor helpless souls who depend on us for survival.  Rescuing these dogs will support China's internal anti-dog-meat trade movement and alleviate the pressure in the various shelters.   Most importantly, we will give so many more goldens a second chance to live the remainder of their lives in a warm, loving home.

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Thank You For Your Support!

Thank you for support.   These dogs have been let down by humans and rescued from dire circumstances.  Our mission is to ensure we provide the best possible future for them, restore the twinkle in their eyes, the joy in their heart, the wag in their tails and their trust in humans once again. 

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