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Welcome to our newly updated website!


While our Mission has always been to rescue Goldens from South Florida and Puerto Rico, Golden Rescue South Florida expanded their Mission to include the rescue of 20 Goldens from China in December, 2020.  Based on the horrendous conditions these dogs face in China, we plan to continue our efforts in 2021. In February, we transported 40 more Goldens from China to Miami.  We will be getting at least 20 more Goldens from China at the end of April.  Click on the link below to learn more about this exciting and worthwhile endeavor.           


  We plan to continue hosting events and fundraisers throughout the year to fund our rescue efforts, and you can always find out What’s Happening on the Home Page.  Currently, we have the Grand Opening of our own Online Store and a Performance Pets fundraiser this Saturday.  Just follow our links on the Slideshow to learn more

or click on this link...https://linktr.ee/goldenrescuesouthflorida 


Watch our slideshow below...


Golden Rescue South Florida is a registered 501 (3)c charity located in the Miami area.  The ein number is 68-0626628.

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