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Welcome to Golden Rescue South Florida 

 While our Mission has always been to rescue Goldens from South Florida, we have expanded our mission to include rescuing Goldens from other parts of the world like China, Turkey, Bahamas, Canada, Puerto Rico and beyond, where they have survived natural disasters or the most horrific and unimaginable circumstances.  Our Global Golden Rescue efforts do not interfere with our mission here at home.  Domestic rescuing will always take precedence.  However, we will not turn our back on any golden retriever that needs us.

Read about Emma, a feel good story from the Rescue!


  We will continue to host events and fundraisers throughout the year to fund our rescue efforts, and you can always find out What’s Happening on the Home Page. 

Recently, we had our annual Reunion, a huge success! 

Just follow our links on the Slideshow to learn more or click on this link...

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