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For the eleven months of her life, Maya has known both love and painful illness.   GRSF got a call from a family that adopted Maya.   Apparently her previous family “did not have time for her” and Maya spent most of her life in a crate.  


Shortly after bringing her home, Maya’s new family started to notice strange behavior.  She was having difficulty walking and spacey behavior, Maya would just stare off and not be present…. They assumed it was because she had spent too much time in a crate.   But when she started vomiting, they realized there was a problem.  After several vet appointments, one specialist suspected a liver shunt, but no further guidance or follow up was suggested.   With Maya's health continuing to deteriorate, her family reached out to us at GRSF.


Based on the information we received, we were quite sure Maya was critically ill. We were correct. Upon admission to the hospital, Maya's critical condition was revealed—her non-functioning liver was causing a dangerous ammonia buildup, Maya was dying.   Soon we learned Maya was diagnosed with an intra hepatic liver shunt and she would require complicated and extremely expensive surgery.   Her Family lovingly and sadly surrendered Maya to GRSF. They adored her but had no idea how sick she was and was not in a position financially to afford the extensive treatment needed to save her life.


First step was to get Maya stabilized.   After 3 days of hospitalization, with hydration, special food and meds, Maya was able to go to her awesome fosters, Tim and Jill.   She loves playing with their dogs and overall doing well.   However, the crucial step lies ahead – a complicated and expensive surgery at the UF medical facility in Gainesville, performed by the only doctor specialized in Maya's condition.


Maya's journey is underway, and we're reaching out for your support. On January 4th she heads to Gainesville for surgery, with hopes of a smooth recovery back at Foster Tim and Jill's.


The estimated cost for Maya's treatment, including surgery, meds, and follow-up, is close to $20,000. Your contribution, no matter the size, can make a life-saving difference for this sweet, gentle, and loving Golden girl.  If after reading this and looking at this adorable, beautiful Golden girl, you'd like to help...that would be amazing!


To help Maya on her path to recovery, please consider donating 🙏. Every dollar counts.  And, once fully recovered (🙏🙏), she'll be looking for her forever home.  But we've got quite a journey until then. We'll keep you posted.

To Make A Donation

Checks are always appreciated and can be mailed to:

Golden Rescue South Florida

c/o Lee Ann Runkle

PO Box 17084

Plantation, FL 33318




You do not have to have a PayPal account to use can use a credit card on their site.

The email for GRSF Zelle is


Remember....Donations are tax deductible!

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