Golden Retriever

  Hello, my name is Zoe and I recently had my last litter of puppies and even more good news, I just found out I am heading to Florida THIS WEEK.  Perfect timing as it’s starting to get cold here and sadly, I’ve been living outside. I am soooo ready to be a loving indoor Golden girl. The Rescue knows I’m sweet and friendly (just look at my mush face). I love kids and dogs. I was born on the 18th (chai for those of you that understand) A very lucky number!  I know you cannot see it in my photo, but I have a beautiful long golden coat.  When we have puppies, we "blow" our coat, but soon my golden locks will be back.   I cannot wait to learn new things, like being in a home, having a soft bed, watching TV....... I have never been on a leash, so that will be a bit weird. I’ll learn how to be a perfect family member really quickly because I’m a smart Golden girl. I promise.


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