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In my 15 months of life, things have been really WONDERFUL! You may be surprised to " hear" me say that. I was born in China. It appears, based on the ophthalmologist's report, here in Florida, that I was born blind. But since I've only known doesn't bother me a bit! I am the happiest, sweetest, most fun loving, joyful dog you could ever meet. I got really lucky and got to come to the U.S. I've been in the coolest foster home where I'm learning all kinds of commands to make my life even better. My English is getting better and I certainly know my name. As you can see from my video. I'm doing great walking on a leash. Most people don't even know I can't see when they meet me. I ADORE people. My foster Mom thinks a home with another dog would be great. My fur foster brother Stewie has been a huge help to me. He's been "teaching me the ropes" on how to just be a dog!

Everyone falls madly in love with me when we meet. I get it. I am the most loveable dog....EVER! So, now that GRSF knows I will have no future issues with my eyes. They think it's time for me to find my forever Family. My foster Mom has lots of "tips" for my new Family. Ready for the most amazing dog ever?

Approved adopters with your home visit complete, contact Lisa to adopt me: Please make sure in your email to give your full name and that you have had your home visit complete, or she will not be able to locate your application and will not be able to reply. 


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