Rainbow Bridge


Our Rainbow Bridge page is provided to friends and supporters of Golden Rescue South Florida as a means to honor beloved Goldens.

We invite you to memorialize your beloved Golden with a photo and tribute on this page. Please send your tribute to Lisa at RJLPH@outlook.com.  Donations are accepted, but not mandatory; and, may be made by sending a check (made out to GRSF) or by utilizing our PayPal link below.  Your tribute will be available for you and yours to view for a year.


Checks may be mailed to:   

Golden Rescue South Florida

 c/o LeeAnn Runkle

PO Box 17084

Plantation, FL 33318


Donations are tax deductible and 100% of all donations go toward Golden rescue care and medical expenses.




I cannot believe I’m here writing a post for my best friend. No words can describe the emotions that I am feeling right now. 11.5 years just flew by right before my eyes. I was there for you till your last breath

Having you in my life throughout my 30s and exploring life with you was always an adventure. From the Outerbanks, New York, Connecticut, Florida Keys, Blue Ridge Mountains, Tallahassee, car rides, day trips, beach trips, family vacations, countless moves, you were there for me through it all. You were my world, my responsibility, my everything.

You taught me so many things...

🐾 Eat more fruit

🐾 Eat more fish

🐾 Sit by strangers and say Hi

🐾 Have a smile on your face even when facing the worst of pain

🐾 It’s ok to take naps throughout the day

🐾 Invite new friends into your home

🐾 Go for car rides with the windows down


My life has completely changed and a part of me feels empty. I hope you met Oso, Archie, Sammy and Rocky at the bridge. Until we meet again my monsti, my Nittany Girl... Mama loves you my girl.


Yesterday the rescue lost a supporter, a volunteer, an adopter and a friend to many people not only in the rescue, but on a worldwide Facebook group all about golden retrievers.  Her baby Noel will miss her mommy.  She fought a long hard battle and now is with her sweet baby Jack.  Rest easy Rebecca.

Rebecca- 2021


We lost our sweet Wilson on a Valentine’s Day. He was the most amazing companion, protector, graceful swimmer and talented diver. Most of all he was a loyal and loving friend.

His story was amazing.... from being bailed out from the pet store by “Aunt Carol” to knowing he needed to be with us after we lost our dog, Zeke. He was one of those guys who just ended up where he was totally meant to be.

Although he only lived 7 1/2 years, he lived everyday to the fullest. He loved sunbathing by his pool, barking under the trampoline, stealing food when he could and showing his new little brother Mosey the ropes. We certainly were not ready for him to go, but he was ready and is at peace. After a rough day on Thursday, he rallied and spent Saturday doing yard work with his Dad and enjoying the pool one last time. I told him to tell me when he was ready and Sunday morning he did. Our house and our pool will never be quite the same. We are so sad, but relieved not to see him suffer.

Sara- 2021


Sara, the last of the original “Hodgson Herd” crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. She left us just as she lived her life…quietly and peacefully. We’ll miss her sweet soul.
Bob & Lisa


Words cannot begin to describe the love we had for this majestic Golden despite the fact he was only in our lives for 2 short weeks.

“Classic Golden” is how Lisa described him and she was spot on! Full of love for all, gentle and happy. Lord only knows how much pain he was in but that tail never stopped wagging. How does a Golden, or any dog, end up with cancer being only 6 years old.

We are heartbroken but blessed to have had him in our lives! RIP Ziggy. See you and all of our other fur-babies over the rainbow bridge.



Bob and Lisa helped Kelsey cross The Rainbow Bridge today. She was 15 years old. A long, amazing life for a Golden. Carol pulled Kelsey and her sister from MDAS when they were less than 6 months. She was a foster fail in a heart beat...no matter how many shoes, remotes and phones she destroyed.  Then she welcomed dozens and dozens of fosters to the Hodgson home. She was fondly known as “The Enforcer”. She ran a tight ship. We will miss her dearly.