Happy endings for our China Goldens

This small Rescue has taken on rescuing Goldens from China. In the beginning we timidly agreed to bring in 20 Goldens. After months of planning with lots of twists and turns, these incredible Goldens arrived and were all adopted.

Our story and our success spread “far and wide”. And we got amazing donations from everywhere. That almost got us “ caught up”.  But now, conditions in China are becoming more dire. It’s winter and the dogs  in the shelter are not kept in warm places. And the dogs they find abandoned on the streets or pulled last minute from trucks going to meat markets are suffering. There are stories of beaten Goldens, and females “thrown out” when they can no longer be bred. The cruelty and neglect  is beyond bearable.


Here are photos of some of our China Goldens going home to their forever families.

For information about adopting a China Golden, please email Kristine at kristinegoldenrescue@outlook.com