Female 3yrs, 37lbs


From Foster Mom:

I can't help but call this little girl Sunshine, she's just so happy and is beaming with love. We have three cats who she has hardly noticed, she would be happy to share a home with them. We also have a old, snarly, yappy chihuahua around whom she eagerly ignores 🤭.  Little Miss Sunshine willingly takes her orders from our dog Legend (in photo above), she enjoys sharing toys with him, balls, love, hugs and even her bed.

She has greeted every human and dog she has met with happy tail waggles. We don’t have small children, but my feeling is she would feel completely comfortable around them.   All in all, this little lady will fit in well anywhere she goes. The only necessity I feel important for her new home is balls. She just LOVES balls. Her new home must be filled with them!



Rescue partners in Canada provide care and safe, loving homes during the foster period.    During this time, the Goldens are vetted by a licensed Canadian Veterinarian, receiving rabies, DHPP vaccine and Canadian medical passport.   Once the foster period is complete, the Goldens are considered Canadian dogs and available for adoption.    GRSF pays $3700 to help cover the expense of international airfare, ground transportation, vaccines, and Canada vet expense, foster care, airfare to Florida and other miscellaneous expenses.   Therefore, we request a minimum donation of $2200.  

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