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Adopt Me

We'll, now that I've been hanging out at my fosters home. GRSF knows a lot more about me. I'm kind of a "unique" Golden Retriever, unique because quite honestly....I DO NOT LIKE OTHER DOGS! Weird, right? But who knows what happened to me to create that fear. Because of that, even walking me on a leash is stressful to me. The answer is, of course....a fenced yard and me and my "people" of all sizes, I love kids!  That's not so need to go for walks, right? So, by now you've figured out ( as has GRSF) I need a very special Angel. Someone who wants a friend and a super loving their home! I promise, I'm absolutely worth it. You'll never find a better companion than me.

Well, talk about lucky.  There I was, out on the streets of Miami...scared and hungry. I saw two ladies who looked really nice. So, I went right up to them to ask for help.  AND THEY DID! They brought me home, took me to their vet.  I had no chip. No one ever looked for me.  So they called GRSF.  And now…I’m ready for my forever home.  I’m pretty petite and around 5 years old. I love and adore people. I’m cuddly and super loving. I’m totally house trained. I love leash walks, but most comfortable playing in the backyard.  I'm fine riding in cars. As you can see…I’m very pretty, as well.  My only special wish is “can I be your only dog?”  I’m spayed, current on vaccines and just had my teeth cleaned and made healthy. Actually, I’m quite the “catch”! 💖💖  Approved families within our Southeast Florida adoption area (Key West to Cocoa Beach) email Lee Ann

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