Our Mission and History 

Golden Rescue South Florida, Inc. (GRSF) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the

rescue of homeless Golden Retrievers and Golden 'mixes' in South Florida, Puerto Rico (PR) and China.


We are all-volunteer and foster-based; and, place these abused, neglected and abandoned Goldens, regardless of age or condition, into a loving, safe 'forever' homes where each dog can thrive! We will not turn our back on any Golden that needs us, and we have had some extraordinary miracles.


Carol Johnson and Jan Lepore began rescuing Goldens in 2001.  In 2005, GRSF was born and became a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.   We service the area from Key West to Cocoa Beach; however, our dogs, volunteers, fosters and adopters come primarily from Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Three tireless Board Directors, along with 75 passionate volunteers and foster families, manage every aspect of rescue, including home placement, medical logistics, transportation needs, fundraising and social media. Fosters and adopters are chosen based on a thorough application, home visit & stringent criteria


Since 2005, GRSF has rescued and placed 1,968 dogs. In 2019, the average cost per dog was $1041. Initially, each rescue we take in receives comprehensive veterinary care including vaccinations, heartworm treatment, sterilization, and microchip identification. However, we are receiving more sick and injured dogs, and dogs with significant medical conditions requiring surgery or treatments, especially senior Goldens. While 1/3 of our dogs are seniors, seniors account for 55% of our medical expenses.


Most of the Goldens that we rescue from Puerto Rico have been living on the streets.  Most China rescues are literally  taken out of vans heading for slaughter. Our own south Florida dogs come primarily from shelters and owner surrenders. Shelters aren't happy about accepting old and/or sick dogs as they are poor adoption candidates. Many shelters will euthanize a dog within a day (Miami-Dade Animal Shelter). Our goal remains to create a compassionate and humane future for these special companion animals.

'Hospice' care became an important priority for GRSF in 2009. Our 'not-adoptable' dogs are placed in DeVinney's Senior Living Facility to live out their lives. These Goldens still possess good 'quality of life', and are not ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. They have physical or age limitations, and untreatable or life threatening illnesses. These awesome Goldens receive the medical attention and compassion they deserve in a loving  volunteer's home  with a huge fenced-in backyard, swimming pool, and friendship of other Goldens). Further, the impact of saving senior dogs is far reaching: comfort for the elderly person who must leave their dog to go to into assisted living; happiness to the older adopter who yearns for a loving companion; support for the heartbroken owner who can no longer afford to keep his older sick dog.


In 2016, GRSF became involved with Puerto Rico's severe pet overpopulation crisis. caused by economic decline, hurricanes, and cultural differences. Working with a sister rescue, we fly these often abused and malnourished Goldens from Puerto Rico to Miami so they may live in a stable, safe and loving 'forever' home.