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Male 2/9/22
Asian Dog Meat Trade Rescue Mission

It's been a long time since we've been able to announce that we are FINALLY able to save two handsome Golden Retrievers from a terrible ending.  And we are very grateful for the amazing work, perseverance and partnerships of Rescue’s around the Globe who have worked tirelessly to meet all the CDC requirements and make this possible.   So, with incredible joy let us introduce you to Adam and Liam. There are two adorable 7-month-old males.  Rescued from the Asian breed farm heading towards Yulin China, the horrific dog meat festival.   They will be on their way to Florida soon. It will be a long journey for them....with many thousands of miles to cover. Flying from China to Canada, then to Portland where they stop for fuel, back in the air to California where they receive CDC approval.   Once CDC clearance, back into the sky they go to North Carolina (unfortunately with the heat embargo we cannot fly them direct to Florida)….  And then ground transport to GRSF.   It seems crazy and at over $3700 per dog it is expense, but to save these Goldens from the meat trade – it is WORTH it.  Just ask anyone who has adopted a Dog Meat Trade survivor, they will confirm!    The previous Goldens we've been able to rescue and place in amazing, loving homes have been just that, AMAZING! And all are happily safe and loved. That's what we're planning for these boys.

Liam's adoption donation is $2200.  Click here to read more about the Asian Dog Meat Trade Mission or view the Video


Approved adopters with your home visit complete, email or complete an APPLICATION to begin the adoption process  

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