Goldendoodle Pup
Male 6/16
F1b Mom 50lb Doodle and Dad 8lb Poodle

Did you ever wish that Golden Retrievers were smaller and didn't shed as much?   Well your wish just came true!   My mom is a goldendoodle and my dad is a poodle, but I have been blessed with handsome "golden looks" and golden personality too.   Hi my name is Leander, one of the F1b goldendoodles heading to GRSF.  My bags are packed, my transport scheduled now all I need is a family to love me forever!

I am part of the Breeder Rescue Group arriving to Florida the week of October 18th (exact date TBD).   I really hope to be adopted before I arrive (GRSF calls this “adoption in progress”) and my forever family will pick me up when I arrive and take me to my new home.   It will be so nice to spend my first night in Florida with my new family💗  Click here to read more about the Breeder Rescue Mission All puppies need someone home with them full time so they can learn to become amazing dogs.  Approved adopters with your home visit complete, email GRSF@SaltyPawsh.com or complete an APPLICATION to begin the adoption process