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We'll, being an American dog is amazing! The medical care is fabulous. And GRSF is also they paid for everything. I am now spayed and my eye surgery is finished, as well. It's great. My eyes are not irritated and I don't have to squint.  So, now I am definitely ready for my forever home! It would be soooo perfect if there were another or other dogs. 

Yawn.....hi I'm Jenny. Not sure what my name was in China. But it doesn't matter. I'm becoming "All American " now. If you'd like to define the words laid back...just put my name in that space. I'm around four years old. I'm sweet and gentle . I've always been around other dogs. I'm pretty sure I'd hardly notice a cat. And based on my demeanor, GRSF is betting I'd love kids. I'm a big girl. I'm learning to walk really well on a leash. My house manners are perfect. Ok, so you guessed it...if you're looking for a calm, friendly, sweet girl....I'M IT....I'M YOUR GIRL. I will need some relatively minor eye surgery (entropion surgery). If I found an adopter anywhere around Jupiter. I'd have my surgery there. Or if my new adopter had a canine ophthalmologist nearby. The surgery can be done there. GRSF will cover the cost.    


Approved families with home visit complete contact Lisa  make sure your email includes your full name and all your details, without this information Lisa will not be able to locate your application. 


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