Special Stories

We at Golden Rescue South Florida know that over the years we have been very lucky to find hundreds of wonderful healthy Goldens to adopt out to wonderful, loving homes. Once in a while we are not so lucky and rescue dogs that are not so healthy...generally we do everything we need to, to save their lives. We NEVER turn our backs on any dog and we will spend WHATEVER we need, to get them the best medical care available. We have had some wonderful miracles. Below are some stories of these "miracle dogs".....

Cooper June 2010

In August 2009 Carol was on her way into the pound when she saw a woman dragging a skeleton with a Golden coat. The dog was beyond thin. He had all but wasted away! Carol approached the woman who said she was surrendering him  to Miami Dade pound. She said he ran away. Carol explained that if she brought this dog into the shelter...he would be dead in a matter of hours. So, fortunately, she surrendered the dog to Carol.

When we got him to our vet, he weighed 35 pounds. Believe me, he was not a small dog!

In any case he was fostered for about 1 month and got on his feet and starting gaining weight. This poor boy was no "spring chicken". We doubted any one would adopt him...and THEN miracle of miracles, a young couple called and said they wanted to make Cooper their forever dog. Talk about kindness and generosity!

Below are the before and after photos! Cooper is around 12 years old and still has so much to give. These photos will make you weep at what he looked like and smile at who he is now.

And the moral of the story...Golden Oldies are the best!!!

Don't pass them by when looking for a wonderful Golden friend!

cooper1 before june 2010.jpg
cooper after22.jpg

Hi my name is Grace, and I guess by the Grace of God I am still alive. I was rescued from the Pompano animal control shelter, as you can tell I'm not in very good shape. I weighed 35 lbs. and was very anemic. I had a terrible case of hook worms and had at least a million fleas. The good news is that I was heartworm negative (Yeah!!!). I  had a nice bath, a good meal and lots of medicine. The vet said if I kept eating and  could get rid of these nasty worms I would be fine.

Grace found a wonderful home with Jo. Her fur came back, she gained weight, and she smiled again!


Hobo was within minutes of being euthanized when Carol rescued him from the Miami pound in 2003. He was in such bad shape she wasn’t sure what he was, but he sort of looked like a golden. He was named Hobo because that was what he looked like – an old hobo. She took him directly to Dr. Fernandes’ where he was diagnosed as having Cushing’s Disease, an adrenal gland abnormality, shaved because of the horrible condition of his skin and fur, and estimated to be 10 to 12 years of age. Hobo was also subsequently treated for heartworm and a severe bladder infection along with various other ailments.
However, Hobo wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. Lee Ann and Dave fostered him and with good medical attention, lots of medicine, lots of love, lots of good food, and lots of encouragement from his Golden Retriever brothers Sonny and Casper, he flourished. Once he was on the road to recovery Lee Ann and Dave realized Hobo had found his forever home right where he was. So now, four and a half years later, Hobo is still living large. He is mostly deaf now and still stubborn, but is enjoying every day and reigns as the canine patriarch of the Runkle household.