Many people ask, when considering fostering one of our Goldens..."How could I? I would want to keep them all." But the real question is..."how can I not foster a dog, when often the alternative is to stay in a shelter and perhaps be euthanized?" Foster dogs rarely stay in a foster home for very long (days to a week or so). Once the dog is put up on the web site, we find them wonderful homes very quickly. It is our goal to get our Goldens into loving forever homes as soon as possible.


Fostering can be a truly wonderful experience. Watching a wonderful Golden go from frightened and confused to feeling safe and cared for is so gratifying. Then watching them go to a forever home with people who will love and keep them safe is INCREDIBLY satisfying. Some times our fosters are truly life savers. Dogs surrendered to Miami Dade Animal Shelter only have 24 hours to live. So we must run to the shelter and get the dog out. Often the issue is...where can the dog go? If we have fosters available....we know we can save them. Fostering is probably the most important job in the Rescue. Can you....will you help?

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