Male 2yrs, 


From Foster Family:


Finn is great!  He loves to play with our 1.5-year-old Newfie.  He shows NO sign of aggression towards any dog he meets, people or small children.  He is always happy and wagging his tail.

He does not have food aggression, but more food obsession. We have him separated from us when we prepare food or eat.  He is getting better.  He has learned how to take treats slowly and “gently”. Finn has great house manors. He lays down nicely when we are having quiet time. He is fully potty trained and not once had an accident in the house.  Finn is learning it is “OK” to be a dog, it is “OK” to play.   He will casually grab a slipper or kids’ toy from the ground and bring it to me, when I tell him no and take it from his mouth he nicely let’s go with no issues.


Finn loves to lay outside with our dog and just chill!   Finn loves to go on walks and very good on his leash!  I have no doubt in my mind he would be perfect for a family with small children and other pets.  He truly is an awesome dog! We are going to miss him so much.

Rescue partners in Canada provide care and safe, loving homes during the foster period.    During this time, the Goldens are vetted by a licensed Canadian Veterinarian, receiving rabies, DHPP vaccine and Canadian medical passport.   Once the foster period is complete, the Goldens are considered Canadian dogs and available for adoption.    GRSF pays $3700 to help cover the expense of international airfare, ground transportation, vaccines, and Canada vet expense, foster care, airfare to Florida and other miscellaneous expenses.   Therefore, we request a minimum donation of $2200.  

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