Our Expenses


In 2020 we rescued/rehomed 118 goldens...
62 were from the US, 36 were from Puerto Rico, and 20 were from China.
General Expenses were $141,545, which includes food, grooming,
leashes, medicines and transportation from Puerto Rico and China
US vet expenses were $51,680
PR vet expenses were $22,903
Training with Boarding was $205


In 2019, we rescued/rehomed 126 Goldens....

Our medical bills totaled $131,229.

General over head expenses, boarding, training, transportation and so on were $11,135.

Divide that up and our cost...PER DOG is: $1041.


WHEW! But thanks to many people, we’re still “going” and still rescuing and still giving our dogs the best medical care.