This is truly a GRSF feel good story.
Emma was found alone in a cardboard box near a strip shopping center in Puerto Rico when she was less than a year old. Fortunately she was turned over to Golden Retriever Rescue of Puerto Rico who sent her to GRSF.          Emma arrived in Florida on 11/25/2016 and her adopter was at the airport when she arrived along with several other dogs. Also at the airport that day was one of GRSF’s volunteers, Melinda Steinbacher, to help with the arrival. Melinda helped Emma’s adopters and saw something special in Emma. Melinda told Lee Ann if for some reason Emma’s new family decided not to keep her she definitely wanted her.
Not ten days later, her new family decided she was not the right dog for them. One phone call later, Emma was on her way to Melinda’s house.
Flash forward to 2021.  Emma will turn five on July 4th.
In the last five years Emma and Melinda have become a therapy team with Canine Assisted Therapy and a team with Canine Crisis Response. Emma and Melinda have visited countless care and hospital  facilities, participated in school reading programs and many parades spreading comfort and love. As a team they spent months at Marjory Stoneman Douglas comforting the students and the staff  - with so much appreciation that Emma and the other therapy dogs were pictured in the MSD yearbook.
And now as a certified Canine Crisis Response team they have been deployed to the Surfside crisis to comfort those in the Family Center and first responders.
From a cardboard box in Puerto Rico to comforting disaster families. Melinda saw something special in Emma and worked very hard with her training with much love to make this fairy tale happen. Emma and Melinda are a very special team.
As we always say - the right dog ends up in the right home eventually.