China Goldens


Fasten your seat belts....they’re flying in again! Golden Rescue South Florida is making arrangements to bring at least 20 MORE Goldens from China. That will bring us close to 100 magnificent, loving Goldens saved  from the horrendous conditions there.

We are definitely going to need financial help. We are doubling down on getting dogs out of China, as many and as fast as we can. The horrifying 10 days of killing and consuming dogs is fast approaching. Thousands of dogs lose their lives in the most horrific ways. 

If you want to help financially please go to our Facebook page, website or Instagram. Click can send a check or use PayPal.


It costs the Rescue $2600 to $2800 per dog to get them here. They do come spayed/ neutered, microchipped and current on their vaccines. For the next group coming in April we are asking for a $1500 donation for adult dogs and $2000 donation for puppies. As you can see from these numbers, we are always “behind” financially.



For  those of us who love Goldens, is there anything more beautiful than the sweet, gentle face of Senior....sprinkled with “sugar”? We at the Rescue certainly don’t think so. And is there any dog more deserving of safety, kindness and love than a Senior? The answer is simply NO. So, with this group of Goldens being rescued from China,  we have specifically asked to have some “almost” seniors come to us to live the rest of their lives as Goldens deserve. We believe, with all our hearts, that there are super special people out there who will step up and say  " I WANT ONE OF THOSE"!

For more information on the Yulin Festival, click here


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Scroll down to see some of the China Goldens arriving next month, along with videos taken in China.

All of the dogs arriving in a few weeks are spoken for. 

If you are interested in a future China arrival, please be sure to have a home visit done NOW so you are pre-approved when the next group are announced.


Hello. My name is Charlotte. I’m a gorgeous 6 year old female. I’ve been in this shelter far too long. You can clearly see that in my video. I am looking for a way out! I’m soooo ready to take my freedom flight to America. I’m ready to lay in the sun and know freedom and love and kindness. I’m sweet and gentle. I’m fine with other dogs. The Rescue says for sure someone is waiting to welcome me home. 

As we have experienced from so many of our China dog adopters, these dogs begin to blend with their new life in the most beautiful ways.   They will happily hang out with you at your local pub –

see Arthur @arthur_goldenrescue. 

The happiest dog in with the coolest bandanas- @mia_golden_chinarescue

The wonderful daily tales of Holly, Maddie and Poppie @samanthalseverson.  Beach girl @olivefromchina. 

The crazy antics of young @ tipsythetripawdchinarescue 

The developing bond between @maplenmoose and his family


Be sure to join our GRSF China Dogs FB group  – for more heartwarming stories, as well as the challenges of adopting a China Dog.   Our previous adopters will be there to support this growing community.