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Chengdu now Angel.jpg

The Rescue is now calling me Angel.....that is because I, once again, gave up my flight so a sweet soul with a disability who urgently needed to "get out" could.    He arrived safely and now I wait for the next flight.   I was originally named Chengdu, which is the name of the city where I was rescued.   I was taken off a crammed truck, with my puppy and dozens and dozens of other dogs on our way to slaughter.    We were placed in a shelter, but then the cold China winter came and we watched many dogs die.  It was freezing and it was awful.   Somehow I made it!   I had a flight out……but I gave my ticket to my puppy who had frost bite on her paw.... that is what good golden moms do.   But soon, it will be my turn to fly to sunny warm Florida where I will be loved.  I am looking for my forever family.   I am a smaller golden girl around 2 years old, I am spayed and up to date on all my vaccines.  


For more information on adopting please email Lee Ann


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