Male 1yr, 50lbs


Interview with Benz


Benz is a beautiful Golden Retriever that was rescued from the Asian DMT. He has stopped in Vancouver on his way to his furever home. This is his story in his words…kind of


Interviewer: Benz, how did you come to be in Vancouver BC?

Benz: Well long story short, I was in a terrible, awful situation in Asia. Then one day some nice humans grabbed me and told me they were “rescuing” me.   I flew across the world and landed in Vancouver; this is where I met my foster family.


Interviewer: How do you feel now that you are in Canada?

Benz: I love it here. My foster family has 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 kids. As you can imagine I get a lot of attention.   I enjoy being with other dogs except when I eat. Then it is all about me and all other dogs need to stay away, but I am told that will change with some more time and training. I really do want to learn.


Interviewer: Is there anything you do not like?

Benz: Not really, just one thing I still don’t understand. I am still confused about toys. I really like playing with toys, but I am never sure what stuffy belongs to me and what stuffy belongs to the kids.   I am told that I am smart, sweet….every day I learn more how to be a part of a family…. I never had that before.   


Interviewer: What are your favorite parts of your new life?

Benz: Oh wow, there is so much. I love to play and chase my tail. I like hanging with other dogs and sometimes playing with the cats. I love going for walks and meeting other dogs along the way. I love to snuggle and get pets from my foster family. Sometimes I get to go to work with the man and he calls me ‘the shop dog’. It is nice to be out and meeting new people. Everyone always seems to want to pet me, and I have not experienced this before but it is awesome.



Interviewer: If you could change one thing what would it be?

Benz: I would speed up this potty-training thing. My whole life I just pee’d wherever I was standing. Apparently, this is not how it is done now. It is quite embarrassing for me. My foster family has been very patient with me, and I am learning to show them I need to go outside.    It has been a while since my last accident, but I am not sure I “got it” 100%.   With patience and understanding, I know I will learn.  


Interviewer: What do you look forward to these days?

Benz: I am told that I will soon be going to my ‘furever home’. I am not exactly sure what to expect but I am looking forward to having a family that loves me. People to snuggle and play with. A place that I am wanted, loved and know that I will never have to leave. I will miss my foster family, but I am excited for the future.


So, there is the story of a very sweet and wonderful Golden that will make a lifelong friend and companion. A Golden that is working on the things he needs to learn but ultimately just wants love and attention. A Golden that will make an AMAZING part of a loving family.



Rescue partners in Canada provide care and safe, loving homes during the foster period.    During this time, the Goldens are vetted by a licensed Canadian Veterinarian, receiving rabies, DHPP vaccine and Canadian medical passport.   Once the foster period is complete, the Goldens are considered Canadian dogs and available for adoption.    GRSF pays $3700 to help cover the expense of international airfare, ground transportation, vaccines, and Canada vet expense, foster care, airfare to Florida and other miscellaneous expenses.   Therefore, we request a minimum donation of $2200.  

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