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Female 6yrs, 70lbs

Adoption Pending

My wonderful Canadian foster Mom describes me as gentle and warm and cuddly. What more can be said? I'm around six years old. I'm spayed, current on my vaccines and microchipped. I'm fine with all creatures, young and old. I'm probably fine with cats, as well. I'm kind of laid back. In fact, I give true meaning to the term couch potato. Because I love hanging with my Mom on the couch! I'm hoping when I finally arrive in Sunny Florida. I'll find a home with someone who wants to "stroll" with me. I love that. And saying hi to everyone I meet. I'm just your Classic Golden girl...looking for love!

Foster Pupdate

  • She is an absolute sweetheart, and just a love! Annie will accept hugs, pets, snuggles, quite happily.

  • 100% housetrained

  • On leash - Annie does not pull on the leash at all, and leaves slack in the leash. She loves going for walks, but is fine just walking along beside you. She is learning to sniff her surroundings a bit, which is rather cute, and indicating that she is learning more how to be a dog.

  • Grooming - she loves being brushed, and loves a good walk in shower - she'll stand and happily be washed down.

  • Can stay at home for hours without needing to go out, and doesn't destroy anything - shoes, papers, furniture is all intact when we get home. I've left her for up to 3 hours so far, and she is fine.

  • She sleeps through the night on her spot on the couch, and is completely happy doing that.

  • Annie would be a perfect companion for someone who likes sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee in the morning, or who wants to walk to the local coffee shop and sit outside - Annie will lay at your feet and be perfectly content. She likes her walks, but doesn't need tons of activity to be happy.

  • She doesn't react to other dogs at all.

  • Annie LOVES to be snuggled  - she will sit right beside me on the couch while I read or watch TV and is content.

  • She's a happy little thing, and will greet you with wiggles and smiles in the morning when she first sees you, or when you get home.

  • I'm not sure I've ever heard her bark.

  • Snacks - she loves bananas and apples now, so that is rather cute.