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While writing's hard to do through tears. But we at GRSF know soon they will be tears of joy. Meet Anah (pronounced Ana). In Hebrew that means perseverance. That is not her Chinese name. Rather it's one we've chosen for her. We think it's perfect. is she. Anah is around 5 years old. How she survived until rescued only God would know. Two of her paws were already gangrenous. She must have been in agony. As you can see from her pictures her journey has been AMAZING! She's kind and gentle, sweet, loving and incredibly happy. She lives in a foster hom with other dogs and has perfect housemanners.   And now she gets to come to live the rest of her life with love and joy. Sadly, another rescue turned her down....but we'll never say no to a miracle Golden like her. And now, we wait. We wait for her Angel(s) to "appear". We know they will. Because that's who our GRSF adopters are. This little girl deserves an she is truly a miracle herself.

Approved adopters with your home visit complete, contact Lisa: Please make sure in your email to give your full name and that you have had your home visit complete, or she will not be able to locate your application and will not be able to reply. 


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