How to Adopt


How do I adopt a Golden? First, please contact the person whose name is listed with the dog you are interested in adopting (on the Available Dogs page). It is especially important that you give all the information listed in red graphic to the left in your email, if you want to get a reply.   That person will tell you all about the dog and then will arrange a home visit.  A volunteer from Golden Rescue comes to your home to provide information about our dogs and help you decide what type, or even if, a Golden Retriever is right for you.

When we visit your home, we are looking for a safe, loving and healthy environment for your new Golden. We suggest you arrange for the home visit even if there is not a specific dog available at the moment. That way, when your special dog comes along...the home visit is already completed.
Once approved to adopt, you are matched with a Golden that is
likely to fit best with your family.  After the adoption, a volunteer from Golden Rescue follows up with you

to make sure things are working out.

You must sign a contract, stipulating:


          You agree to care for your new dog and ensure that your Golden is a happy member of your family. This means that the Golden will be a house dog. The dog must not be left outside alone, chained, penned, or kept in the garage.

           If, for whatever reason, you decide not to keep your Golden, the contract states that the dog must be returned to the Rescue (not given to a friend, sold, or taken to a shelter).

           The Rescue retains the right to reclaim the dog if the contract is not adhered to.

            Lastly, a donation will be required for all adoptions. This money goes to cover our massive vet bills and the care of the dogs while they are being fostered. Golden Rescue South Florida is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization. Donations are tax-deductible and 100% of all donations go toward caring for Goldens in need.



At this time the donations for dogs from the US and Puerto Rico 

begin at $350 for dogs over 13 months and

begin at $450 for dogs 13 months and under.


Donations for dogs from China are higher primarily due to higher travel costs.