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Well, this time it is The Rescue that needs help. We have not wanted to ask for help. We have been trying "to make it on our own" but for the sake of the dogs....we surrender....we need help. The last several months have been unbelievable....all our dogs are coming to us in trouble, medically.  Sometimes BIG TROUBLE! EXPENSIVE TROUBLE! Here is a quick rundown:

 Ty... many hundreds of dollars to get him over the mange and other illnesses he came with. Not to mention he will need a great deal of dental work.
One of the two new puppies is not well. $1000 for overnight medical care and support. Turns out she has Parvovirus.(which means the other puppy probably will, as well)
Hugo the sweet, gorgeous Flat Coat has liver enzymes off the charts. Working to diagnose and hopefully not lose him.
Joey, the kooky little puppy has 2 juvenile cataracts (needing surgical about $1500 per eye.) BUT before that, he has had some odd blood work results..treated for possible tick born disease...but if he doesn't respond to the antibiotics...more tests to determine what is going on.
Now, enter Brandon, the gorgeous Golden, who had to go to board at a trainer...for his very relentless mouthing "habit". He is not aggressive, just has a bad puppy behavior. It is not inexpensive to board a dog at a trainer.
Let's not forget Shadow/ Buddy who has a mass that needs to be removed, we have to remove it benign or malignant. But, he is being treated for anemia first......and so it goes.
So, we hate to ask....we don't have time for a fund raiser (which usually doesn't net much). Please can you help? If you can, you can send a check to:
PO Box 17084
Plantation, Fl. 33318

or go to our website...clink on the How To Help link and use Pay Pal
Thanking you in advance,
Lee Ann, Denise and Lisa
and, of course, the dogs 😔


Golden Rescue South Florida

A 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping homeless Golden Retrievers in South Florida

Dogs come to Golden Rescue South Florida from various sources within Florida. Many of the dogs are given up by their owners because they cannot or will not give them the much needed love, attention or medical care necessary. Some of the dogs come from animal shelters. When a dog comes into a shelter, it is very important that we get the dogs out as soon as possible (according to the shelter's policy) Often finding a place to put the dogs is a major problem for us.  We need foster homes because we have no kennel facility.

 Dogs are cared for in our foster homes where they are assessed to ensure an ideal forever home. All dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, provided medical treatment and put on flea/tick and heartworm prevention prior to adoption.
You can find more information on fostering on the Fostering a Golden page.

We want to send out a special thank-you to those of you who support the GRSF financially.

   Well, 2014 is over. We started out the new year with a hugely successful, fun filled reunion. Great way to start. Our deepest gratitude to everyone who took part in 2014...volunteers,fosters, donors. Rescuing this many dogs could not be done without all of you!
Here are  our figures for the past year:
Dogs rescued         144
Dogs adopted         136
Dogs PTS                   8

Of the 8 dogs we PTS, 3 were golden retrievers and 5 were mixes.
Of the 3 golden retrievers, 2 had cancer and 1 had behavior/aggression issues.
Of the 5 mixes, 1 had cancer, 1 was injured and 3 had behavior/aggression issues.

Total expenses for the year were $86,212.29.
Of that total, 70% was for vet bills  equaling $60,437.72


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Golden Rescue South Florida


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