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Golden Rescue South Florida

A 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping homeless Golden Retrievers in South Florida

Dogs come to Golden Rescue South Florida from various sources within Florida. Many of the dogs are given up by their owners because they cannot or will not give them the much needed love, attention or medical care necessary. Some of the dogs come from animal shelters. When a dog comes into a shelter, it is very important that we get the dogs out as soon as possible (according to the shelter's policy) Often finding a place to put the dogs is a major problem for us.  We need foster homes because we have no kennel facility.
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Well another year has passed.  Just to keep up...we did 126 adoptions this year.  Our medical bills totaled $131,229.  General overhead expenses, boarding, training, transportation and so on were $11,135.
Divide that up and our cost...PER DOG is : $1041
Whew!  But thanks to many people, we're still going strong and still rescuing and still giving our dogs the best medical care.  So many people to thank.
First, those of you who have made donations.  As you can means EVERYTHING.
Then, we would not...COULD NOT continue to do this work without our volunteers.  To our fosters, you make rescuing possible!  You open your doors, homes and hearts to these souls who suddenly and desperately need a safe place to go.  How amazing is that?
Then, there is our wonderful home visit volunteers.  You go far and wide checking out potential adopters...making sure that our dogs go to the most wonderful homes there are....OR making sure they DON'T go to homes where they will NOT find a perfect match.
And now, (drum roll) to the ladies who keep us running.  Venessa, our hard working FB wonder.  She's been doing this job for years.  It's never easy, often stressful and incredibly time consuming.  But if there's an needed...Venessa is there to get that post up immediately... no matter what else is going
on in her busy life!
Next, her partner in private messaging, Jody.  Jody is definitely planning on writing a book about the messages, questions, kudos and complaints she gets...on a daily basis.  Her patience is boundless...fortunately, so is her sense of humor!
Nancy, our website angel.  She too has been doing this for a loooong time. She doesn't even live in the US.  And no matter where she travels (far and wide) when a dog comes in...up on the website he or she goes.
Last, the newest arm of our social media group is Kristine. 
She brought us Instagram. We also call her "speedy" . I hardly finish typing and whatever it is...ITS ON INSTAGRAM. 

These are the heart and soul of this rescue.  These are the people who VOLUNTEER their time and effort so that every penny we get goes to the dogs.  We will never be able to say thank you enough....
but I know when our dogs find amazing homes....sometimes coming from the worst of places or situations...these ladies must know how amazing they are.  And how glad we are that they are with us.
So, on to a new decade. Maybe some day, there will be no more Goldens in need and we can all "retire" and say job well done.  But until then, a huge thank you to everyone who has a part in saving dogs.
With love and gratitude to all
Denise, Lee Ann, and Lisa

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