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Happy Tails, page 4

Photos and notes from our Golden Retrievers in their new forever homes...
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Jesse Bear
Jesse Bear (formerly Oakley) is doing awesome, much thanks to Lisa and her husband and the rescues contacts...

When I adopted Jesse, I was educated on his seizures, little did we know in less than a month they would progress in time, type and impact. In fact, in videoing the seizures, the vets were better able to diagnose them! Team Rescue stepped in to help with vets, transportation, education and emotional as well as other assistance to get Jesse examined, evaluated and on a new regime that seems to be working...over a month without a seizure!  

Jesse is a warm, sweet, loving dog, who quickly bonded with my cat, Bob.  He is a constant companion, a sweet smiling face when he goes on walks ( though short ones as he has a double jointed front paw).  He is a joy, and has brightened our lives, as we hope we have brightened his.  Thank you, Lisa, and Team, for all your support and help as Jesse Bear deserves the best, and he is a spoiled mush of a boy, and I hope we have many more years with him.

Here is Leon, living happily with Carl and Colleen....
he is with friends at dog park here at the apartment

Dallas is amazing!  We cannot imagine our life without him.  He is so spoiled and loves it.  The cats have excepted him.  Thank you so much for our beautiful baby boy.  He swims daily and loves playtime and walks.   He is filling out and his coat is so much softer and he is a stunner. 

Here is Choco (now Rusty) with his new mom, dad, human brother Brooks and fur sister Beaches.

Baby, now Cali
M mom is smiling again and already has formed a special bond with Cali. I think this is a perfect match for both of them.  I can't thank you enough.

Elle, with her new family

Dutch with his new family

Lucky Penny, now Luke
Mom is cooking, smells good, just waiting for something to fall!

Roxie with her new family. Niiiice.... looks like Roxie's going to get to do some boating!

We just wanted to update you on Nelson and what a wonderful addition he has been to our family! We can't imagine how we went so long without him in our lives! Every day he gets to go on walks, play frisbee (a minimum of three times a day), and a swim whenever he can manage to sneak in the pool. We take him everywhere and always receive compliments on how wonderful and handsome of a dog he is. He's even starting to become more social with other dogs, to include play dates with the neighbor doodle!

 Mindy having fun in her new back yard!

Here is Chico who is now known as Dallas in his new forever home. I think he's going to have to learn to swim!

Here is Cutler. Could this be the same dog ditched at a dumpster!
Thanks Pam, Jeffrey and Jacob

Mopar sick and skinny and neglected...just at his dead line (wow that gives new meaning to the word). Bonnie & Rudy (bless them) drove up to the shelter in Okeechobee (with a moments notice) to rescue Mopar. Rescue him they did. Off to the vet for a few days stay. Now LOOK AT HIM! The same sweet face...just no cuts or wound of any kind! Sometimes life IS good!

It's Billy...."day tripping" and chilling with his new family ...Rescued life is good!

Chloe obviously has adapted to her new forever home! She and Woody are best friends!

Gismo, now Rudy
Here's Rudy- such a cute pooch!  The one at the beach was taken at our new place in Redington Beach. 
  I trimmed his tail a lot; I think it is better for him.


Chloe going home with her new family. The other golden was adopted from GRSF as a puppy, and his name is now Woody. Chloe and Woody got along beautifully and were fast friends.

Faith has had a lazy afternoon after her ride home!  She made herself very comfortable on Zeke's new bed!!  She wandered around the backyard with us with her tail wagging the whole time!  She is not so sure about Zeke, but I think she will come around.....he is a super gentle dog, but she's not too interested in him checking her out.
Bonnie- As I drove out of your neighborhood, there was a church sign that read
 "need a sign from it is".  You can imagine that made quite an impact on me.....
 I will send you an update on Faith in a few days, as I'm sure it's hard to send her off.

These photos are of Lulu, Tricia and Adam. What's that about "a dog's life"???

Lennox, now known as Morgan Maye

 We named her Morgan Maye O'Doodle... Morgan which is Celtic for white sea dweller and Maye after my Mom that passed this last July... she is doing great and fitting in very well.     
    Morgan is adorable and sweet.  She is scheduled for her spay this Wednesday the 31st and upon her recovery will begin her training classes with a friend of ours.  We'll do a group training and also include Riley, our 4 year old... we forgot the time and baby steps for training.  She wants to learn but is stubborn and sassy but VERY treat motivated... I am sure that in her first 6 months was probably never given limits other then maybe the crate.  Interestingly enough, I think her spending many hours in a crate was a good thing in terms of her staying out of trouble.  We really have to keep an eye on her and only want to crate her at night or if we leave the house.  We are constantly re-enforcing any positive behavior.
She is always looking for food and devours her meals like she was starving... we bought a gulp bowl which slowed her down a bit.  We saw this behavior with our Brigit, who was a puppy mill Mommy.  Morgan may have always had this behavior or it may have been a result of where she was born... since she was bought from a pet store she likely could have been from someone who was overbreeding or a puppy mill where she fought for her food when she was young.  We are feeding her twice a day with a light snack mid-day so she knows that she will have food.

Ginger's new family

Lucca, now Loretta finds forever home

Bella with her new family

Cleopatra with her new family

Hunter, aka Bubba

He is such a joy with so much personality. He gets along with everybody and everybody loves him. He just pushes our female around and grabs all the attention!
He has usurped her spot in bed, she won't get in with him there because she doesn't like him in her face, as time goes by they will both be out of the bed!!!

Korbin, aka little B

The two beach pictures and the one where he is enjoying the wind at the lake are from a few days ago. The rest are all from yesterday. Some after bath pictures and pictures of him with me so you can get an idea of how big he got. Some of his coat, you can see how wavey it got. Also his turtle print giant doggie bed that we made for him. We wanted to make it big enough to fit a stretched out full grown golden, but it ended up being big enough for the whole family :)




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