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Happy Tails, page 1

Photos and notes from our Golden Retrievers in their new forever homes...
If you would like your new Golden to appear on this page,
please send photos and info to Lisa at

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We wanted to update you on Pez after almost two weeks.  He is absolutely "at home" and is a loved member of the family. He and Maddie have bonded and tire themselves out playing, running,and just being happy around each other.  He was gated the first night, but has had the run of the master bedroom since that first night and is content sleeping on the bed, next to Maddie on the floor, or on his blanket in the bathroom at his option.  During the day, he enjoys all of his toys and various bones, including his purple monkey and tons of nylabones.  It's the beach again tomorrow!  We love him and cherish him; we are so happy he has become a part of our lives.  

Cricket and Chico

This is Chico at the ripe old age of at least 16 and  Cricket, Chico's little sister.
 Both dogs were adopted by Dr Heather and her husband Barron!


Max with new siblings Connor and Haley


Blue Vargas.... a happy dog!

Pike after a long morning chasing lizards..... and Pike dining out!
Pike is definitely embracing the good life.  Stacy

Kirby (formerly Bing)

Kirby with his new sister Magpie


Lucky snuggling with new sister, Lily 

Luke loves his toys!

Pix of a happy boy. Stirling also doing GREAT.... Doug

Susie, formerly Peanut

It has been almost a year...........she has blossomed into even a more wonderful companion,
 especially since Molly arrived.  Separately, they are incredible, collectively, they bring joy,
 laughter and, yes, discipline.  Go figure that one!
Anita and Ray

Zoey ( formerly Ginger) with new sibling Yogi

Our new girl is full of happiness.  Lots of play time with Yogi and her neighborhood play mates.  Thanks so much for bringing her into our lives.  She is a real treasure and we will keep you posted! I've attached a photo of Zoey and a few of Zoey with Yogi! 



Emilie loves the lake every night and day.
We love her so much, she is getting so big too!
She comes to work with me everyday, I don't think she has been alone since
we got her!
Thanks,   Dawn


 We feel like Mollie has been with us forever.  She is truly a lovable sweet lady and enjoys her new home.  She loves going into the water and running in the park.  Steve and I think she seems like she suddenly has the energy of a puppy.  We trimmed her hair to give her a fresh start and get rid of her fleas and some infections on her skin....Thank you so much for just knowing she was meant for us....I was on the website again today looking at Kessem!   Best regards and hope you and all your crew are doing well....Love Pauline and Steve


    We just wanted to share some new pictures of Maggie.  We adopted her two years ago, in the month of August.  She is such a love,  we have so much fun with her.  Everyone who comes over just is amazed at what a good dog she is.

  I forgot to mention that she discovered the TV on Superbowl day watching the puppy bowl with my kids,  Now she doesn't stop watching it,  it is so cute!

    The K Family

Bailey and Bodie

Bailey and Bodie, just enjoying a Sunday morning


Hi there,
Just a few pictures of our little lady and her first vacation trip to SNOW!!!!  We adopted Chloe two years ago from you.  We got her as Zowie, and we changed her name.  She is doing so well.  We just love her..she is still talking to us, more and more the older she gets.  She greets us every day at the door with her toys and still has her little black and white polka dot dalmation!!  Plus now about 20 others.  We buy her animals every time we go somewhere.  Our grand daughter just loves her and her chocolate lab and our Chloe absolutely adore each other.
Once again LeAnn, thanks so much for giving us the chance to have our Chloe.  Life is wonderful with her in our lives.
Janie and Rick


Here is Marley, in his new forever home with his new brother Casey. Happiness is love, company and a fountain!!

Maggie, now Molly

Here is Maggie, now Molly with her new "sister"  Susie (who was Peanut)also a Golden Rescue adoptee!
Life is good!!!


Blue in his new forever home with the Vargas family

Angel and Max

Some pics of Angel, she has really filled out, she was 56 pounds last week. 
When we went to Virginia for 4 days over New Years Eve/Day we had boarded her
with Village Animal Clinic and had her spayed so they could watch her.  She is
really the boss between her and Max, if he has a toy and she wants it??? She
takes it, but he lets her have her way.  Max had a stuffed animal and she wanted
it but couldn't get it away from him so she went to the toy box, got a tennis
ball, walked back to him and set it down in front of him.   He saw the ball,
spit out the stuffed animal and grabbed the ball, she reached in, got the
stuffed animal and walked back to her pillow very triumphant, so very incredibly
smart, LOL

She is very velcro and it doesn't bother us, but what really makes me mad is if
we pick up the newspaper or get the broom to sweep, etc., she ducks like she's
been hit many times before.  How someone could do that to an animal is beyond
me.  I know she'll grow out of it but it breaks my heart to see her so afraid. 
I do think she is settling in just great tho.

Lucky, now Cooper

Lucky, now Cooper, tooling around with the top down, and with his forever mom, who says:
"Cooper is SO well behaved and loveable"


Grampa snoozing with his new forever mom....
 Hi friends! Just a little update on Grampa- he is such a joy! We are working on "sit, stay, come" for his CGC/Therapy Dog licensure at the end of the month, and this morning I heard his voice for the first time! He gave a little bellow to ask for a walk- what a good boy! Just now, he was making his way around the breakfast table, putting his head in everyone's laps. He just fits in so well and loves everyone. Such a kind old dog. Thank you again for all you did for my special guy- don't think for a second I don't know who rescued me, too!


Riley is such a sweet heart, he's always always ready to play fetch and I mean ALWAYS! He's obedient and friendly. He's always by my side, while I watch television he lays as close as possible even though he has his comfy fluffy bed.  He's been such a blessing to have, I really love my Riley! My customers at the store love him too!
Miriam Gilmore

Mandy  (formerly Princess) with favorite toys

We feel blessed every day that we met Mandy when we did and know that she was truly meant to be with our family, in her forever home.  Believe me when I say that my husband, my children, and I state every day how lucky we feel to have her in our lives.   Mandy is the most lovable, sweet, cuddly, “velcro-y” dog that we have ever known.  It’s incredible how she just “molds” her body around our laps and legs when we are sitting down!  We all just get on the floor with her and cuddle up to her and she, as well as we, love it.  She is energetic and playful and I am thankful that we have a large yard for her to run.  Because we have a canel behind our home, she has plenty of ducks to keep her attention (those poor ducks – but it’s fun to watch)!  She has plenty of toys and loves to play with them all.  Of course, since Christmas, she has even more!  I have attached a photo of her with one of her new toys from Christmas.  Mandy continues to jump straight up and down and we just sit back and watch her in amazement! 

We can’t thank you, Lee Ann, and Carol enough, as well as all of your foster parents, for all the hard work that you do.  If it wasn’t for you, we would not have our Mandy – who we honestly don’t know how we would ever live without.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Golden Rescue South Florida will always have a special place in our hearts. 

Daisy and Sunny

Here is a recent picture of Sunny and Daisy, formerly Jubei and Sake!
Just LOVE THEM!!!   Thx,Noelle

Daisy and Zulu

Here is Daisy taking Zulu for a walk. They were adopted out together!
They were quite the Christmas present for the Thomas children!!!

Sam and Lexie

Sam and Lexie Kurtz had a professional photo taken at their vet's for the holidays!


Tucker entered the world 1 day after we got the news that our beloved eleven year old golden, Dexter, had cancer. It was less than a month later that we lost Dexter and we were devastated. Though not just any dog could replace Dexter, we felt that our family was not complete without a golden. Herein begins the “Tail of Tucker”.
We began looking at rescue websites in search of a golden that needed a loving home – or should I say – a home where they would be “king”! Much to our surprise we discovered that not only were there many goldens looking for homes, but puppies too, which would be available the middle of July. Within 24 hours we had faxed in our application and set up the home visit.
We introduced Linda, from Golden Retriever Rescue of South Florida, to our ready-made “golden retriever” home…complete with a backyard filled with sticks and swimming pool.  It was on July 17, 2010 after several weeks of waiting and a car ride to Miami for “selection day”, that Tucker walked through our door and into our hearts.

 There is once again the laughter, joy and fun that only a golden can bring to a family. We are greeted…after a long day of work/school…with a “golden welcome”…of which there is no other…and mornings which begin with lots of kisses.  As the “Tails of Tucker” continue to unfold, each new day brings new adventures. Whether at obedience class…where he was quite the charmer…knocks on the door from neighbor kids wanting Tucker to come out and play…swimming in the pool with his “brother” – our 21 year old son…playing fetch with tennis balls…or 50 pound/ 7 month old snuggles at the end of the day…we count the blessings of having a golden retriever as part of our family once again.
The  Kaprive family


Ginger and Sonny Friedman- best friends!!


 We wanted to share the good news on our side of the state.  The GRSF litter of pups in July, from the sounds of previous emails, are so smart!  Here is another success story of another intellegent Golden!   Whoohoo!  Our dog Raleigh got a perfect score the other night at his puppy kindergarten graduation!!!  He was Top Dog! We can't wait to get together with all his brothers in January (and all the other Goldens too of course!).
Proud Momma & Pappa... Laura & Robert

Canelo, now Boca Bear

We adopted Boca in June, a few months after experiencing the loss of our 13 and half year old golden Bailey who was an amazing golden beyond words could ever express. We call him a bear because he sometimes sounds like one and is soft and loving like a teddy bear. Boca came from miami-dade shelter- the owner just dropped him off to be euthanized.  rescue got him and took him to the vet and groomer to get him shaved because he was so dirty and he had cuts on his back along with two bad ear infections. He now lives with another rescue which we found living under a trailer- a true golden at heart and a 4lb Yorki! The first day I brought him home, he wanted to go swimming with the other dog so bad but was afraid; clearly he was never introduced to water before. The next day I got him in the pool and he hasn't been out of the water since. He is now a beach boy, toy lover, a boater and is just becoming a golden for the first time in the 6 years of his life. We are proud to have him a part of our lives and to be able to give him a second chance at life and being a golden. Love, Niccole, Glen, Wiggles and Sadie


I wanted to let you know night #1 went great; Stirling slept at the end of our bed (on the floor) next to Sophie. Sparkles the cat was a little miffed...but she is better today.  He is definitely a velcro dog with me! But so very sweet :)
 Thanks for taking such good care of him. My husband, kids and I instantly love him.
 God bless,  Tiffany Dunn

Taz now Tess with her sister Ruby and Dad Greg

Many wonderful people did call to adopt Taz (now Tess) and we at the Rescue want to say thank you to those wonderful, generous and caring people. Thank you! 

Tess on her first boat ride- Life is good!!

Stevie, now Precious with his new family

Stevie, now Precious doing well... more on Precious soon...

Lucca with the triplets
The Farrell Family

Happy Halloween from Lucky! 


We wanted to send you a note to let you know that Nala is doing great. She instantly became a part of the family. She is a
classic velcro Goldie and follows her Daddy everywhere. She loves tug-o-war with our 3-year old, loves to play fetch, and is a great swimmer.  Everyone who meets her falls in love with her, not just because of her beauty but her mild demeanor.  She loves the attention and is eager to please.  We've attached some pictures of her as well.
Thank you to GRSF for bringing us Nala.
Sincerely,  The Janes


I wanted to update you on Sunny. She is doing so well and has gotten to her old self I am sure.  She gets so excited when I come home and she loves to walk and play fetch!!! When I am at the computer she comes to my side and either wants to play or be pet.  Right now she is under my feet waiting for me…..  Her personality has really blossomed and we love her sooo much!

Sampson and Bailey, and Jordyn

I've been meaning to send you some pictures of Sampson "Sam" and his best friend Bailey for a long time now.  They are soooo totally perfect for each other and having a ball.  Sam is a perfect fit for our family (and our yard).  He loves to "gallop" around and looks so cute with his ears flapping while he does.  He is due for his annual next month and I can't wait to see what this gentle giant weighs.  He's amazing with the kids.   He loves to fetch his Kong which I throw dozens of times a day for him.  So glad we were able to give him a good home, he deserves it!!  

Here is Abbey, the Evelyn's Golden..iust 2 years old roaming her summer home in NC. It's a good life!

Cody, formerly Howling Wolf (puppy)

This was Cody's first time at the beach yesterday.  He had a great time swimming.  It was quite a new adventure for him - all new things to explore.   After his bath he took a 3 hour nap.  Life is good.
The Fleishman family

Here is a picture of AJ and his new dad Steve.

I wanted to share a new picture of Makani with you. It really captures his personality! He is such a sweet, happy little guy. We just love him!
The Kniskern Family

Maya, formerly Jelly

I know it has been a while but I just wanted to send an update on Maya.
She really is a sweet little girl.
She loves to kiss. She loves to play with her toys but she is not much of a retreiver. She does well on a leash.She loves people. She loves belly rubs.

She does have a few quirks though:
Cats- Maya seems to think it is her job to make sure that she identifies all cats in Delray Beach.  She is constantly on the lookout or prowl for them.
Also - she is a fence climber but only wooden fences.
I saw this first hand while we were visiting friends in Orlando.
She was chasing squirrels and when one disappeared over a 6 ft fence she sat herself down then leaped to the top and pulled herself over!
While that was amazing- what really amazed us was that she jumped back over!
While Cats fascinate, I have not figured out if she is likes them or wants to eat them.
Overall she is a wonderful and sweet dog.
Dingo and I are very glad that she found us and you can be assured she has a wonderful and loving home here

Stevie, who is blind

He is a much better walker,  loves his walks and pooped in the middle of the street the other day :-)   Had a few accidents in the house - but my mother said it was  her fault, and now has him on a routine schedule.  He still sleeps right up against her and Ginger sleeps on the other side.   When Macduff could still get up on bed with her - she would get about 2 feet of bed space.   He turns in the driveway all by himself - he knows when he is at his house.  He is making his way to the bed by himself - hops on hope chest.  He has plenty of toys - and loves the squeaky ones.  He runs a lot in his dog dreams.   I think he is the most loving golden I have ever met, what a sweet dog.  So happy he is with us   The DeVinney's welcome the 3rd South Florida Golden Rescue to the clan - as I remember it was Tropical Dog when I first met Cindy Lenz and Rawhide.   Misty was our other golden rescue.  As always I thank you for your very active rescue work with our wonderful breed!



Just wanted to report that our little Jake is our new dear friend.  He is doing well and loves all four of us.  We are all doing puppy classes with him.  He loves to run in our big fenced in back yard.  He has lots of energy.  He follows us everywhere.  When he is tired, he has alot of lounge places.  He is crate trained very well.  He does have an accident in the house at times, but are working on that.  He is a handsome little guy, and we love him and he sure loves us.  Thank you for giving us our little Jake.  We have not changed his name because it fits him so well.  Thank you again.  Judy, Chris, Jessica, Alex

Cody who was Howling Wolf

Our "adopted son."  He has lost his top and bottom front teeth and new ones have started coming in.  We're all really enjoying him.


We are still doing great here with Sunny.

She is so happy to see us when we have to go out for a bit and come back.

She loves car rides…so we bring her with us for errands.

She sleeps so well in our room with us and is really just part of our family.

The kids love her so much and Nathan (my one who was afraid of dogs) has really grown to love her too.

Why we sleep on the floor!
From Ray and Jerry


Thank you again for working with us and for placing Rocky with us. I am in love with our new friend. Rocky is gentle, sweet, affectionate (he even purrs when I scratch his ears), loving and very well behaved. We pretty much give him the run of the house and have had zero issues. He has only barked once -at a local boxer - but the sweet sound of his baritone bark was beautiful. He could start his own band, he's that good. Rock is also a ladies man. He follows me everywhere I go and patiently waits for me to rub his ears. As you can see, I am smitten with him. The children adore him and Rocky and the boys seem to be developing a relationship of mutual respect. The boys introduced him yesterday as, "our dog." so cute! David is impressed with Rocky, too. We are very proud of our new friend and feel like we are going to get his best years. He is my secret canine Lebron James! Thanks again for everything!

Lucy, who was one of the "Christmas puppies" (she was Dancer) now lives happily with her Mom & Dad, Jack & Laurie.


Bella, one of the Christmas puppies, living the good life!


Joey has settled nicely into our family. He is such a sweet and wonderful dog. Its like he was meant for our family. He follows me and the girls whenever we get up. He and my husband now love each other as well, although he wont admit it.  Kaitlyn and Sophie still fight over whose room he will sleep in at night. So he just takes turns and spends a little time with each of them. He is just awesome. He was seen by his vet about a week ago and they said he was in great shape. He weighs 92lbs so we have to work on getting him to slim down a bit. We take him out for frequent walks and I cant wait for the weather to cool down so that he can go biking and on longer trips with us (now I think its just too hot for him). Sophie is no longer scared of him. She now lays next to him and loves him to death.  I wanted to thank the family who had him previously who took such wonderful care of him. I also wanted to let them know that we will always love him and treat him like our family member.
The Reyes family

Cooper before rescue and after... with his new family

In August 2009 Carol was on her way into the pound when she saw a woman dragging a skeleton with a Golden coat. The dog was beyond thin. He had all but wasted away! Carol approached the woman who said she was surrendering him  to Miami Dade pound. She said he ran away. Carol explained that if she brought this dog into the shelter...he would be dead in a matter of hours. So, fortunately, she surrenderd the dog to Carol.
When we got him to our vet, he weighed 35 pounds. Believe me, he was not a small dog!
In any case he was fostered for about 1 month and got on his feet and starting gaining weight. This poor boy was no "spring chicken". We doubted any one would adopt him...and THEN miracle of miracles, a young couple called and said they wanted to make Cooper their forever dog. Talk about kindness and generosity!
Well below are the before and after photos! Cooper is aroun d 12 years old and still has so much to give. These photos will make you weep at what he looked like and smile at who he is now.
And the moral of the story...Golden Oldies are the best!!!

Don't pass them by when looking for a wonderful Golden friend!

Leon, now Luke

Here is Leon, now Luke enjoying life in his new forever home!!

Jubei and Sake

Jubei and Sake off to their new home, and exploring the new digs


I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of Bailey after week one.  She is a treasure and Dan and I are thoroughly enjoying her.  Thanks for our new family member.

Shadow, now Paddy

We have had Paddy now for about 4 months or so now and couldn't be happier.  He is still getting used to loud noises, but seems to be adapting better every day!  He and his brother Buddy became fast friends and have become inseparable.  Paddy follows Buddy around the house and outside just like a real younger brother.  They are constantly at play, and love to take walks together.  Paddy seems to have thinned out a bit, as he may have eaten more than his share before we got him  (when no one was looking, as he seems good at that).  He didn't run much at first, but now he has become a little speed demon!  Buddy will come running to us if Paddy tries to eat out of his bowl.  Quite the little tattle tale.  I have attached a couple of pictures, and I hope you don't mind that he has become a die hard Blackhawks fan....   Thanks again for this little fur ball of joy!
John and Lisa

Haley, Largo, Kasey and Heidi

Largo (who once was Yellow) and Heidi, the little deaf girl we rescued joined Kasey and Haley in their wonderful forever home with the Powers. Here is what Lori has to say:
Haley is fine and Kasey had a leg operation. Largo is a big baby and so loving. Heidi is so special she was the most excellent addition to our big family, the  smartest idea to have her in a group.  She doesn't even know she's deaf.  She's filling out slowly. Heidi's goal in life is to make you smile.  She is always smiling, if she sees that you are sad or had a bad day, she simply won't let you hold on to an unpleasant mood.  She smiles all the time.

Peanut, now Susie

Peanut, now Susie is making herself quite comfy in her new home... including a sleepover with a grandson!

Bodie, now Yogi

Here is Bodie, now Yogi checking out the pool in his new forever home.

Riley, aka Clifford the big red dog

Riley is doing extremely well. He adjusted immediately and started responding to his new name within 24 hours (very smart dog). We registered his micro chip, and have been to our new vet (who said she would have taken him in a heart beat!) He has slowly been meeting all our family and friends and only gets the most amazing compliments. They can't seem to believe how big he is, or better yet how we were able to come across such a gorgeous AND trained dog in one! Everyone loves him and welcomes him back (if we are visiting them). We feel so lucky to have him.

Every day Riley and I get our exercise by either going to the dog park, running, visiting friends with other dogs and big yards, playing ball (boy does he have a ball fetish), etc. The weekends are the best.. he comes almost everywhere with us! We can not imagine life without him now :) Thank you again. You were right, the perfect dog would find me! Attached are some pictures of Riley and his friends. There is even one with my neice (she is almost 1). She loved him, couldn't stop giggling. And best of all.. he was gentle with her! Thanks again Cara, Joe and Riley


Maximus is doing so well in his new forever home. We already can’t imagine life without him. He loves to go to the park, play fetch, visit people’s houses and even walk the neighborhood kids to the bus stop!! He rarely needs a leash and constantly tries to please us. He has finally figured out that he can’t swim every 10 minutes only when “mommy and daddy” say it is ok. The first picture is Max playing fetch and the second picture is how he spends most of his evenings at home. As you can see, he has adapted really well and we are so grateful to the rescue for matching us up and filling our lives with such love and joy!!
Heather and Steve

Lady, now Layla

Here is Lady (now Layla) exploring in her new garden. Bob and Sue, her new forever parents JUST LOVE HER!!!

Jesse, now Gabbie

Gabbie seems right at home with her human sister Norah

Gracie and Oliver

Here are some pictures from today. They played so much they are now passed out on the bed. Thanks, Michael and Nikki


Miley, now Dakota

Dakota, aka Miley, has become a true friend and a treasured family member. She never argues, yells or complains! Thanks to Golden Rescue for every precious moment.

Makani as a puppy and now at one year old eating ice cream on his birthday....
What a handsome boy!

These are the 3 Thacker Goldens...Mary wrote to us in response to our paragraph about rescue dogs on the available page. Read her letter on the News Page and meet her Goldens below

This is Ashley, the one we picked up from you in Ft. Pierce last June. In spite of her tongue problem, she eats well, and even handles "doggie ice cream" in "her own way." She can't lick it very well, so she chews the container until the frozen mass drops on the floor. Then she eats it. She overcame the traumatized tongue in her own way, and is a healthy sweetie that has put on weight since you last saw her. She's overcoming her fear when we feed her. She definitely was mistreated in her former home and shies away when you put her bowl down. She's truly an "underhanded" dog. If she isn't under your hand, she's not happy.

This is Kady (formerly Lady). We picked her up from you in Ft. Pierce about three years ago. What a gentle, loving Golden she is. Her mask is getting gray, but she's a youngster in all other ways. She had a lonely past and came from a broken home. Then she was given to someone who evidently paid little attention to her. We were told she climbed the chain link fence in that person's yard so she could roam. Now, she hates to go outside and would rather lounge in the house where the a/c is cool. She's been checking out the pool lately, knowing it's about time to have fun swimming.

Ashley (left) with the tongue hanging out, and Kady (right). Today they are buddies that love to play together and run full speed in the back yard. Kady rejected Ashley when we first got her, and wouldn't even share the back seat of my truck. Kady opted to lie on the floor while Ashley got the seat.

This is Kelsee. We rescued her from an animal shelter in the Keys when we lived there. Graying and having a few problems getting around, she ignores her two sisters and would rather just sleep all day, and not be bothered with playing silly dog games. She always wakes in time for morning and evening feedings, and a special soup bone every Sunday morning. She can tell time and count days, and if we are not punctual, she barks to show her displeasure.

We love our goldens and certainly appreciate all you and the others do to rescue these dogs and get them a new forever home where they can run and play and share their love.
John and Mary Thacker

Shadow and Bear

Jenny and I want to thank you and GRSF for bringing Shadow and Bear to us. Although we started out as Foster Moms, it only took fifteen minutes to sign Shadow's adoption papers. After a couple of days with Bear, we knew he wasn't going anywhere without us. When we lost Phoebe to Lymphoma at such a young age, I didn't think I could ever love another dog like that again but I know it was Phoebe that sent Shadow and Bear to us knowing how much love they needed and how much we still had left to give. I sometimes think the boys helped us more than we helped them. So we have five dogs and a cat. It was a little scary the first day with Bear meeting a cat but now they cuddle and kiss. We all enjoy Sunday mornings at the "Little Dog Ranch", it feels like family.
One BIG HAPPY Family..... Lisa, Jenny, Shadow, Bear, Jack, Harley, Gaffney and Kenya


Duncan now Bailey is just loving his huge wading pond. He is doing so well and we are really enjoying him.  He is completely through his heartworm treatments and is now exercising and having so much fun.  Thank you for letting us adopt him!! This is one happy dog!!


Maggie Miller with Jeff & Sharon at the beach and on a boat trip, enjoying life!

Bodie (aka Simba)

Bailey and Bodie (who was Simba) rocking in the waves. Ah...a rescued Golden's life in Florida!


Annie and her "Mom & Dad"...Penny and Steve are about ready to go for a ride!!

Chevy, now Duke

Chevy, now Duke has settled in quite nicely in his new home with Jim and Eileen!

Noah is doing great. We're doing some dog training with basic commands & trying to instill trust in him toward other people. Improvements are already evident. Questuio


This is Jasmine (who was named Lucky....but was not one bit lucky until she got adopted by The Goulds) It looks like LOVE!


Max adored my brother Tom, who has a golden at home. Yes, I allow Max to sit on the leather couch. He's a cuddler. Max is settling in well. Uses the dog door as if he's always had one; walks nicely on a leash, seems to be thriving on a good diet. The vet suggested giving him baby carrots for snacks, but he only eats them if they're microwaved for a minute to soften them up. He is adorable and so far loves all the people and dogs he meets in the neighborhood......
Further update on Max- he is doing great. His ears and skin are cleared up, the hookworm treatments are over until the three-month followup, and he's acting more and more like a happy dog. He barks at the neighbor's dogs and at the sounds of doorbells and Dog Whisperer's dogs on TV. He has discovered squirrels, scanning treetops to spot them and occasionally trying to climb a tree to catch one he finds particularly annoying. A friend's female German shepherd is giving him how-to-play lessons, and he's catching on. He's walking about 45 to 60 minutes a day and has lost four pounds. He is the sweetest, gentle and loving fellow, and makes friends with everyone we meet. Above is a pix of Max with his playdate pal Ireland.


Charlie was rescued from someone's backyard. They left him out in the rain and cold. Now, he's in the house with his 2 teen age boys and Mommy. He meets and greets all of Terri's friends. He love to walk and loves the water. They love him!


Handsome, now Sam is obviously quite happy in his new home with Peter his new forever Dad and Molly his new forever "sister"

Here is Bahama, now Cooper snoozing with his new "brother" Churchill.

Molly at the beach

Molly is a sweet, smart, incredible girl and I cannot thank GRRSF enough for a true blessing in my family's life as well as my special needs students' lives! She reminds me daily of the importance of patience and acceptance with her kind face and knowing eyes. Truly an amazing spirit! There are not enough words for me to thank you and GRRSF for giving me such an amazing gift!

Taylor and Lacey

Lacy and Taylor, both from the same litter (Godiva and Colorado) couldn't look any happier in their new home with Luanne & Gordy

Max with Isabella

Max has done real well with us. Where ever Isabella goes he goes, 100% her dog!!! He is very smart and super sweet. Zsa Zsa (Vito's mom) made him rice and homemade chicken broth and he is eating it like crazy. Thank you again for thinking of our family and allowing us to bring this precious creature into our family.


Shadow who is now Paddy is just hanging out with his new brother Buddy. Looks like life is good!


Karma has become a member of our family very quickly. She is such a sweet dog. All of the girls love her and it did not take very long for my husband to become attached. I found him curled up on the floor asleep with her the first night she was with us. Karma is doing wonders to heal the broken hearts in our house after loosing both of our dogs. Thank you!


Ben is doing terrific. He is always so happy to see us, he really loves all the attention the girls give him. He is sharing his affections pretty equally these days, now that he has figured out that we all come back every time we leave. He loves to play catch with the ball, and walks great on the leash. He know several commands and just requires reinforcement, he'll respond the first time you tell him to sit but then in a couple seconds he'll test to see if you really meant it. The girls have had him in the front yard off the leash playing ball and he has no desire to go anywhere they are not. He has met other dogs and is perfectly fine with large and small dogs. We have not had a direct encounter with a cat yet but he isn't bothered by cats when we are walking.

Bruno, now Max, is happy in his new forever home with Sally

What a wonderful boy! We adopted Finnegan (Dexter) in July as an 11 week old puppy after suddenly losing our wonderful and perfect Golden, Barkley. Finnegan has helped to heal our hearts. He is an equally great dog, so full of energy and a wonderful personality. He loves his squeaky toys and sings along with them when they squeak. Thank you Golden Retriever Rescue of South Florida for being so wonderful and for doing what you do. We love our Finnegan! -- Ruth