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We at Golden Rescue South Florida know that over the years we have been very lucky to find hundreds of surprisingly healthy Goldens to adopt out to wonderful, loving homes. Once in a while we are not so lucky and rescue a Golden who is not in the best of health...and generally we do everything possible to save his or herlife.

We NEVER turn our backs on any dog and we will spend WHATEVER we need, to get them the best medical care available. We have had some amazing miracles. Please look at the link "special stories" and read about some of these miracle dogs.

Why do we tell you about these dogs.....
Because we hope no one will lose sight of the plight of many of these wonderful, loving and trusting dogs. Reading the "special stories" will help you understand why we ask for donations for the dogs we adopt out.

Please help us rescue dogs like Gracie and Angel...
Your tax deductible checks (made out to Golden Rescue South Florida) can be mailed to:
Carol Johnson
PO Box 660155
Miami Springs, FL 33266
click on the link below to donate through PayPal
It is safe and easy and we can issue you a tax receipt.
Thank you!

Gracie before..........................................Gracie after